Picnic and fun at the triangle Pereire

Day at the Pereire beach

Located in one of the most charming places of Arès, the beach of the Pereire triangle will seduce you for a relaxing day with family or friends!

Start by preparing a small picnic to enjoy on the wooden tables, as well as something to stroll around all afternoon in the shade of the pines! Once the siesta is over, get out the Mölkky game or the petanque balls (plastic ones roll better in the sand 😉 and you’ll have a very pleasant afternoon!

Too hot? Put on the swimming costumes and inflatable buoys, then go for a jump in the pool! At high tide you can also watch the colourful sailing boats in the distance!

Finally, at nightfall, order a pizza or other delicacy and sit back and watch the sun set and reflect on the water.