The most popular

The Aresiens love their city and want to share it with you. Here are 6 essential experiences, to make your stay, a successful holiday, with family or friends!

Discover the "Prés Salés", walking around on foot

One of the most popular places in the region. Ideal for family walks.

The Prés Salés

Go on an adventure on the natural site of St Brice

A place rich in varied landscapes, where we discover a surprising fauna and flora.

St Brice

Stroll with friends on the Port Ostréicole

We meet there to work, to taste some oysters, share a drink on the terrace or simply to stroll. This is the secret corner of the Aresiens.

Port Ostréicole

Cycling, in complete tranquility

More than just a mode of travel, cycling is a way of life, a state of mind … to take the time.

By bike

Enjoy the atmosphere of the "Fête de l'Huître" of Arès, in the heart of summer

If it is a must to remember, it is the Oyster Festival. An institution, true meeting of the summer for aficionados.

Fête de l'Huître of Arès

Picnic and fun at the triangle Pereire

Enjoy a relaxing day at Pereire beach

Pereire beach

Be carried away by art and culture

Arès is a cultural programme all year round! Discover the Regarde! festival and the Street Art

Art and culture