Discover the “Prés salés” by walking around

The “Prés Salés”, natural reserve, is a well-known and very popular place in the region. This site, with fragile ecosystem, offers walks between meadows and woodland.


A surprising and privileged place for the Arésiens.

When you enter the salt meadows (Prés Salés), it is a multitude of landscapes available to you. At the beginning of the ride, the fish tanks are encircled with soft green meadows. Then, after the canal, a more arid zone is almost reminiscent of savannah tunes. But smell the recognizable smell of pines. It reminds you that you are on the Bassin d’Arcachon.

This space serves as a refuge, tranquility, food and reproduction for many species. The best known are the eel, otter or European pond turtle.

Summer and winter, you come across many Arésiens who like to walk there. At each walk, they discover a new light, new landscapes and different species.

The “Prés salés”, the star of walkers

The salt meadow represents only 0.01% of the Earth’s surface. On the 495 hectares of the site, it is thanks to the work of preservation of Sylvain and Richard, which they know how to preserve “natural” form of this natural reserve. Remember to respect the rules so as not to disturb the species.

Because at this place, the vegetation often fragile, had to adapt to the movements of the tides and to the concentration in salt.