The team


Nicknamed Madame talkative, she can talk to you about the Bassin d’Arcachon for hours!
  • My strong point : I’ve been living in the Bassin since forever, I know this territory as my pocket!
  • My favorite address in Ares : Oyat’s café. Nothing better than a drink with friends, some tapas and the view of the Port Ostréicole.
  • The Basin in ONE word : unique!
  • To get to know me better : I am an unconditional fan of Disney and its music. I never say “no” when it comes to having a drink. I do not tan, summer I stay white (or red)!


The Web Lady of the team, she finds all the information you need.
  • My strong point : Discover the best places with the best views so you can take pictures and make your friends jealous.
  • My favorite address in Arès : Makhila for Basque flavors typical of the South West.
  • The Basin in ONE word : soothing.
  • To get to know me better : I’m always with a camera. I love thrills like roller coasters but I’m afraid of big wheels … well, anything that is slow. I do not get tired of eating aligot, whatever the season!


Madam Clean, she loves when everything is in its place!
  • My strong point : I love questions challenges. When I do not have the answer instantly and I have to “investigate” to find the answer.
  • My favorite address in Arès : The shop “Seme” : organic products, local producers, workshops … in short a real place of exchange.
  • The Basin in ONE word : tireless.
  • To get to know me better : “Climato sensible”, the sun is my energy bar! I have an uncontrollable fear of spiders (the very big ones) and snakes. I could only eat avocados (but my carbon footprint would be really bad)!


The expert Nature d’Arès, he shares with you the history of the Bassin d’Arcachon and his many anecdotes.

  • My strong point : I have a great knowledge of the Bassin d’Arcachon, its environment, its fauna, its flora, its history with its cultural heritage.
  • My favorite address in Ares : The Pitey, fresh and perfectly worked … a restaurant that I love!
  • The Basin in ONE word : Elusive.
  • To know me better : I love to walk and talk, the profession of guide is a vocation found! I have been living without TV for years and years and it’s going very well. Nothing better than what I picked up and cooked (mushrooms, plants, shells …): Nature is my pantry.